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Merida Industry (Hong Kong) Ltd. in 1986 in Hong Kong, specializing in various types of glue products, materials die-cutting and optical products. Over the years Thanks to the strong support of all customers, at present, Merida Industry has occupied a considerable ratio in the market.

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  • Application of high temperature tape

    High temperature tape, that is, high temperature operating environment used in the adhesive tape. Mainly used for the electronics industry, temperature performance is usually between 120 degrees to 260 degrees, commonly used in painting, paint leather pro

  • Die cutting processing industry development

    In recent years, die-cutting processing industry is developing very rapidly, constantly research and development to the die-cutting processing industry more development space.

  • Knowledge of materials

    1, double-sided adhesive ----- 2. Release film & release paper ----- 3. Protective film ------ 4. Foam ------ 5.As little brother learn limited! In this can only carry out some simple on the road in order to initiate, hope people of insight can expres

Protective filmGlass FilmRubbersFilm categoryClass tapeOptical categoryLight glueWool / felt, paperSilk categoryCu, aluminum, insulation
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